Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hungover is Just Drunk After Awakening

Remember when I was the cute guy you were stalking on facebook?

Remember when you had a crush on me?

Remember how fate intertwined us in such a coincidental way?

Remember that guy who had a crush on me, who had a crush on you, four years back?

Remember when we went out for the first time?

Remember our first phone call?

Remember the elevator we kissed in the first time?

Remember the first time you came to my room?

Remember the first time you introduced me as your boyfriend?

Remember our bottles of McCallans?

Remember the first time we Frangi-ed?

Remember the nights you stayed over?

Remember at which exact moment Alexis became our place?

Remember the first time you got pissed at me?

Remember the repeat encounters that made that elevator 'the elevator of chance'?

Remember the hugs and kisses we shared?

Remember our car rides home?

Remember our voluntary participation in jams?

Remember our tears shed?

Remember how I can't forget that smell of your car?

Remember that last parting kiss?

...because I remember and miss you everyday.

So much more to remember. So much easier to remember high.


Qboy said...

Hey, chill okay? I'll be here if you ever need to talk kay? Take care ah.. :)

Lucifer said...

omg this is so sweeeeet. makes me want to fall in love.

Kayson said...

Drunk Kayson emos well. ;P

>_< Sweet? It hurts and it sucks >_>

Qboy said...

Like hell i don't know.. ;)

A said...

I know its hard. But it'll all be fine one day. *hug*
And if you want to talk, I'm always here :)

Kayson said...

Heh heh. You also what. We sama-sama aje.

It's hard, I've talked about it and I'll be better in time. :)

We've all got our moments of weaknesses, and it's in them that we truly show strength :3!

Qboy said...

Btw i miss you, and miss bitching with you bitch. Come back. I want hugs. *sad face

Kayson said...

I'm no bitch :*( Imma cute innocent boy...didn't you hear Ivan!

Qboy said...

And i thought you guys told me calling each other bitches is a compliment -.-

Now now, don't contradict yourself.

Kayson said...

I called him bitch ;) he called me cute. Got diff!

Qboy said...


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