Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Cannot

I cannot look at these stars so bright
I cannot taste this bottle of Mccallan's
I cannot walk around this mall anymore

I cannot brave these lonely nights
I just can't remember those million moments
When we were intertwined or so I thought, before my heart it felt so sore

I cannot roll around in this bed
I cannot dance in that club like a slut
I cannot smell that car again

I cannot lie drunk and half dead
waiting for you to save me once more
waiting for you to kiss me like before

For now we're still fine
waiting for that temporary high
but tiring it gets
then come these regrets
come a day we'll be gone
come a day I'll move on

I cannot bear to look at that face
I cannot pretend I won't cry
I cannot ignore that one place
I cannot forget those kind eyes

But mostly..I cannot forget you.

I love you everyday, but I need to love myself more.


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