Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Awesome Weekend

So I went to Frangi(which Matt&friends have always raved on and on about) for the first time. With my Frangi virginity out of the way, I jokingly told Warren that I didn't have many virginities left. Some guy who overheard gave a knowing smile in respond, as if to tell me he was thinking the same thing I was thinking.

'I doubt that's a joke!'

Original plan was to be at MP to support an event two of my friends were organizing. But with it being full of girls (or in Matt's words..lesbian hell), we escaped before the butches began strutting off their amazingly sculptured bodies. Most guys aren't that..manly. Damnit.

So yeah, that's how I ended up at Frangi in shorts and a really revealing singlet, with a bright red jacket to attract attention when I was desperate to cover up. But course around 4 shots of Vodka later I shed the jacket and started doing things I'd regret to remember(or rather, remember to regret) in the morning. And no, no X-rated shit.

Unfortunately. *sighs*

A fun night in all. Chatted with Trev at a nearby mamak before heading home. And I remembered a quality I used to appreciate in a guy that I have long forgo because I was desperate not to be alone while in a club and guys in clubs are either himbos or too-good-for-me(fuckers!) - depth.

Then it was Marketplace on Saturday. Believe it or not, I was actually reluctant to go and wanted to stay home and get some work done(or something). But I went anyway because I am an idiot with friends who forget they made me go just for them. Damnit.

But it was another fun night. The usual hanging out at its classy patio, a little more dancing than usual(OH lesbian night music was awesome and maybe the resident DJ learned a thing or two) and R with the sexy tattoo. Who doesn't realize he tells me I've gained weight every time he sees me. But I shall forgive for I am all pure and all mighty and he is hot and he has a hot tattoo and he offered to send me home.

The night came to an end with a kiss goodbye.

Just didn't wanna forget this fairly awesome weekend. A and I broke up a while ago, with reasons too complicated and meaningful to explain in the same post about when I was intoxicated so more on that later.

It's time to get back to the books.