Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Dilemmas I Face When I'm Too Free

So a few weeks back two of my straight friends (a couple) went with me to MP for k-pop night (it was boomz). While the boyfriend was chatting with the inevitable letdown (that's quite a mouthful lol) and his bf, the girl was dancing and I went to check on her while heading to the toilet.

She was dancing with this really hot guy. Handsome face, buff (but not overly buff) body.. omg jealous max. When she spotted me I shouted over the music to ask if she was okay. She said she was and winked at me... and then so did he.

"Your friend is very pretty!"

"I know right," I replied, turning towards my friend to catch her blush.

"You're very cute too," he said, before leaning towards me over the rails (I was elevated as I was on the stairs, while he was on the dance floor, regular MP attendees should know what I mean), and giving me a hug. He also snuck a kiss on my neck in. "My name's Kenneth!"

Caught off-guard but not to lose my cool, "So are you, I'm Kayson." I smiled the best I could (full on dimples and all) and he reciprocated with another. I said I had to go pee and I walked away reluctantly.

Soon after we were talking to this guy who somehow just sat down with us (D) and suddenly his friends arrived, all drunk and looked very much like they were about to pass-out. The guy from the dance floor was one of them.

That was the end of that night.

The other day while browsing (not stalking!!!!!) through D's FB timeline I spotted Kenneth.

Perhaps I'm too free, but these past few days I've been in a dilemma whether to add him or not! I mean, just to be friends, nothing more. What's the point, you ask?


Akin to this standard, seriously. Stolen it off Eric's blog. Teehee

What do I doooooooo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fuck yea

Happy Valentines Day!

So first of at exactly 12 I called the bf to wish him and after a world of talking, he revealed to me that he was staying in Melbourne to do his masters... which means he'll be there for two more fucking years!! (Rather than just leave Melbourne by the end of this semester)

That's the best news I've heard so far. There has always been this deep-seated feeling of dread threatening to creep in every time I dare think of the future, but now I only feel relief (Or maybe the feeling has just been delayed another 2 years).



Saturday, February 11, 2012


Recently due to my last nights partying and the like, my complexion had gotten a bit dull. So two weeks back or so I was masturbating in the shower as I was allowing the hair masque to sink in and I came. 

I faintly recall people saying that it does wonders for the face, and I had nothing to lose so...

Yeah. I think it does work for me.

Has anyone else tried it? Does it work? Don't tell my mom k.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Worn Off

Three months of long distance has made me and the bf restless, volatile and tired.

Him going off to China and UK and wherever four months from now would be the death of our relationship.

In 3 weeks, I will be back in Melbourne. Where we will have another four months to spend together.

But as of today, I'm relatively numb. The worse is over, and if we break up now I'd be relatively okay. But I want that four months we still have in Melbourne. At the cost of getting hurt again when he leaves for good, however, is it worth it?

Where do we go from here.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I am going to write about something which might piss some people off. And that is something I somewhat enjoy doing, so fuck you! Haha.

FUCK I'm horny. It's been three months of long-distance-relationship-ness, and I am very tempted to cheat. At first I just got on Grindr because firstly, my bf went on it first, and secondly, to hopefully quench thirst through distant waters or some bullshit like that.

There is too much temptation.

Wanking off doesn't help for long.

Random roadside aunty called me yong sui.

Balls are very blue.

Dick is very hard.

Ass is very itchy.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Underneath It All

So I was in Bali.

The sun was appropriately sunny, scorching down upon the feast of hot white men while I hide behind sunnies and a tequila sunrise. Most young Caucasians, despite my deep-seated Asian preferences, are undeniably good looking. Some of the older ones are toned and have that sexy, rugged daddy look, but most are just kinda.. meh. Not my cup of tea.

I was wearing this pair of red swim shorts over these pair of white speedos. The red shorts I got half-price at some factory outlet place in Melbourne. The white speedos I've owned since I was 15, from my days of competitive swimming, that I've not worn before. I remember buying it cause it was just so fucking sexy la. You always see those jap boys with fucking hot bodies wearing them in porn (teehee).

When I first arrived, two guys walked pass, one blonde and the other had dark hair. The blonde was donning Raybans and turned around to look at me a few times. That same blonde walked pass, while I was playing cards with my dad, aunt and uncle and smiled at me. I reluctantly smiled back, afraid my family would notice but god it felt amazing to get attention.

When I finally got some wifi, the first thing I did was get back on Facebook, reply stuff on twitter.. before finally turning Grindr on. Are there always these many gay men in Bali?!

You were in another country.

I wish I didn't care.