Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Underneath It All

So I was in Bali.

The sun was appropriately sunny, scorching down upon the feast of hot white men while I hide behind sunnies and a tequila sunrise. Most young Caucasians, despite my deep-seated Asian preferences, are undeniably good looking. Some of the older ones are toned and have that sexy, rugged daddy look, but most are just kinda.. meh. Not my cup of tea.

I was wearing this pair of red swim shorts over these pair of white speedos. The red shorts I got half-price at some factory outlet place in Melbourne. The white speedos I've owned since I was 15, from my days of competitive swimming, that I've not worn before. I remember buying it cause it was just so fucking sexy la. You always see those jap boys with fucking hot bodies wearing them in porn (teehee).

When I first arrived, two guys walked pass, one blonde and the other had dark hair. The blonde was donning Raybans and turned around to look at me a few times. That same blonde walked pass, while I was playing cards with my dad, aunt and uncle and smiled at me. I reluctantly smiled back, afraid my family would notice but god it felt amazing to get attention.

When I finally got some wifi, the first thing I did was get back on Facebook, reply stuff on twitter.. before finally turning Grindr on. Are there always these many gay men in Bali?!

You were in another country.

I wish I didn't care.


Leo Nut said...

Ish.. suddenly emo at the end of the post.. ><

And babe!!~ Pictures of speedo please! haha!

Kay said...



silon said...

apparently not fat enough for the (cute? hot?) blonde to care, i guess thats good enough... pics pics pics?

ooi2009 said...


Kay said...

you guys totally don't get the main point of this post do u!!! lollol

>_> NO PIC, you all still have to pretend I'm anonymous!!!

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