Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knifed in the Back

(to be read in one breath)

There's this really nice girl that IS sincerely a really nice girl who I got kinda close with and then one day she confronted me about being gay so I told her over wine and then told her she wasn't allowed to tell anyone and I found out she told her best friend and another guy and now I can't even look at her my trust is betrayed now all I wanna do is to do nothing to her because she's still a nice girl but I just can't be friends with her anymore.

$%^ Why can't you just be a motherfucking bitch, nice-girl-bitch?!


J-boy said...

truth is, secrets are too hard to keep because it's too damn tempting to tell someone else once you know something..

therefore when u tell a secret to someone, expect others from that circle of friends to know also >.<

savante said...

Read it in one breath! Think you should just ask her why she broke her promise. I like things out in the open. Perhaps there's still a chance to salvage the friendship.

Kay said...

That's true. But you know, she's like... the sincerely, truly, nice person type of girl. And she asked me about it. It's not just betrayed trust I guess, but it sucks that she's still a nice girl, so I feel kinda bad for feeling anger towards her, yet I still don't want to look at her.

Wish she was a bitch.

I really don't see myself ever talking to her first. I want to give her some attitude. Maybe she'll try making things up to me. I enjoy that. LOL

But no, srsly, I don't even wanna look at her, let alone confront her about it. I feel like my life (although VERY GOOD and CHARMED) is one confrontation after another and after a while it gets very tiring. I'm a spoiled brat I know. =(

Bree Anna said...

I hope I'm not being rude or mean by finding this funny. I mean not at the part where your trust was betrayed cause that's goddamn awful but the part that you hope that she was a bitch lol

Aiden said...

Reading that in one breath really makes me understand how you feel now O_O

Give it some time.

Kay said...

God. I dislike nice people now. I am going to hell. Lol!

Exactly why I said to read it in one breath. #de34634

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