Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Year

First and foremost,

Happy New Year Bitches!

It's been the longest time since I went for a double-gay-clubbing weekend* and I had a fabulous time (despite counting down in the car). I'd kinda swore off the Msian scene for quite a while now (conveniently coinciding with my departure to Melbourne *cough*) but it felt good to be home. I've been out and about practically everyday and now I'm taking a few days to recharge my batteries.

Life in Melbourne is amazing but life at home is always the best. It's good to be home =).

*Frangipani on Friday + Marketplace on Saturday 

 On to more angsty matters;

"I'm not gonna bother meeting up with Kay cause he doesn't even have the heart to find me first."

Fuck you.

No shit, I am busy. I have a lot of people to meet. I can't remember every single bloody person. Would it hurt you so bad to just contact me first? Is that such an unbearable emotional pain?

I am so tired of everyone expecting me to call the up and make the first move to ask them to meet up. It's okay if you don't, but to say something like that above? Fuck you.

You have just proven yourself unworthy of my time.

K but don't forget I am very happy happy happy (outside of this angst anyway ahha)


savante said...

Definitely calling that the double gay clubbing weekend from now on haha.

Kay said...

:3 isnt it! haha.

tuls said...

bitch, dint get to wish you happy new year and cny on facebook so here's a toast to both!!! stay sexy you tulsy boy! :) muacKKSSS!!

Kay said...

Meowww thanks for the wish no need to wish all those kinda things wan laaaa aiyerrr

tqtqtq u too go tuls up UK K lub lubzzz

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