Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black Rose

Backdrop perfect, colors strong
It came too close to a full bloom
Moments right that turned out wrong
Left the lone black rose to a mourning moon

Gaps between fingers now unfilled
Another rose red now exists
Between two smiles memories sealed
Watching it bloom within our midst

Letting go isn't moving on
Moving on isn't moving forward
Beauty cherished before its gone
These petals fall gracefully, feigning comfort

Darkness swallows what was whole
Blood red buds eclipse what was
No more us against the world
No more world to be against us

A somber stem will remain
Adamantly lasting as rosebud dies
Perhaps someday blooming again
Perhaps someday a fading goodbye

Backdrop perfect, colors strong
Immaculately fitting for one bloody bloom
Moments right that didn't belong
Left the lone black rose to a wilting moon.

**I do not own the picture**


Kaylex (CK) said...

This is beautiful. =D

Kay said...

thanks =)

there's nothing more beautiful than a broken heart is there =(

soul232 said...

Broken heart will turn anyone into an artist ^.^ Once u're able to live without him, that's the greatest achievement :)

Aiden said...

I agree with CK and soul232. Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Kay said...

I had a nice day out at good ol' one u. Bought loadsa books, had a good day with a close friend. Fought back tears at one point. But just one.

Thanks. =)
It's been two years now. I hope it's not too late.

=( Me too! <3

thanks guys!

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