Monday, November 28, 2011

Insignificant Update™

Went around Melbourne visiting places yesterday, but the highlights were definitely the three vineyards. And their free wine-tasting. *licks lips*

So, the Bf has gone back to Malaysia while I've still got about a month to burn here. One of my last close friends are leaving tomorrow and then I shall start working for a bit. On the bright side, dad told me he would pay for all my holidays and stuff cause I've been a hardworking bitch. And no he didn't say bitch, and yes I didn't know how wrong it sounded until it was all typed up on screen.

I miss home!

But I really should be happier. Lol, nowadays my biggest concern is what I should do to my hair.

I miss him =(

Friday, November 18, 2011

Like A Bimbo

Been hitting the gym like 13 days in two weeks for 5 weeks now. I think I may have pulled my leg. And I want to go clubbing tonight.


Monday, November 14, 2011

The One That Got Away

I think everyone's blogging about this video now, probably cause everybody can relate. There's always the one that got away, like for me, the guy I mentioned in the last post (whom I gave all my love to and didn't stay).

I mean, we're still in contact. I would consider him one of my closest gay friends, and that we always have each other's back despite the gossips and stuff that we might hear. We talk about our bfs, me telling him the sweet moments and him telling me the drunk ones (he is responsible for my alcoholism) (ah the sweet old days when he would feed an initially unwilling me Macallan's through a long, wet kiss). We skype (the last time just yesterday) and I'd comment on how fat he's gotten while he would tell me how I look like those lalaboys from Sungai Wang with my hairstyle. We compare dick sizes of people we've seen (or got to know..personally). We bitch about anyone and everyone.

Watching this video made me cry. I just cannot picture my bf leaving, being the one who got away. But I guess for now, you still hold that title.

And you will always be important to me.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Here I Am.


This blog used to be my emotional escape. I went through the posts all saved in drafts and went through an emotional roller coaster. It's not hard to remember how I felt before, albeit one year ago. Many things are very different now.

I'm in Melbourne now.
Doing the degree I've been planning to do since I was 15, in the university I aimed to get into. Done with my finals and am now bumming around with some cash and loads of free time.

All my love didn't make him stay.
But now I'm together with the perfect guy (who dumped me in March, not so perfect) and am infinitely happy. Sadly all good things must come to an end one day. I'll enjoy the moment till it fades. And cry while blogging during its afterglow.

The ex is now two exes ago.
And he's happily attached with a really nice guy for quite a long time now. I'm really happy for him. I think they plan on growing fat together(his words not mine). Sometimes on twitter I get the impression that he's not completely over me. Sometimes I feel like he's avoiding me even. Sometimes I think I'm really conceited and vain. 

I'm finally back at the same weight.
This time with abs, a more defined chest and the same kick-ass porn star butt*.

*As rated by my boyfriend and ex and some lesbians and straight guys and friends and girls who have touched or felt my ass or saw me in my undies or speedos or etc.

But yet here I am, needing an emotional sanctuary. Or a fucking manhole (entrance to sewers, not an actual asshole) to dump all my bullshit in. I guess some things just don't change.

Yes, you still have to pretend I'm anonymous.