Monday, November 28, 2011

Insignificant Update™

Went around Melbourne visiting places yesterday, but the highlights were definitely the three vineyards. And their free wine-tasting. *licks lips*

So, the Bf has gone back to Malaysia while I've still got about a month to burn here. One of my last close friends are leaving tomorrow and then I shall start working for a bit. On the bright side, dad told me he would pay for all my holidays and stuff cause I've been a hardworking bitch. And no he didn't say bitch, and yes I didn't know how wrong it sounded until it was all typed up on screen.

I miss home!

But I really should be happier. Lol, nowadays my biggest concern is what I should do to my hair.

I miss him =(


Aiden said...

You know you have too much free time when hair becomes your BIGGEST concern. OR, it could be classified as #gayboyproblems I think. XD

Kay said...

HEHE btw happy belated birthday! I think I was really busy that day but I read it on ur blog =D

Yes. I do. But im working this Sat, and I have a week or two of that to look forward to but... till then.

Come visit me I'm so free omg

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