Saturday, December 3, 2011

Something that's been haunting me

We roll in bed. You kiss me softly on the back of my neck, hugging me tighter as I snuggle against you. You turn me around, kiss me on the forehead, cheek and lips, saying "baby you're so cute" between kisses.

If the day comes when I'm no longer the cute me you claim to adore, would you still love me?

Or would you cringe in disgust at the thought of two uncles kissing, being intimate or loving each other?

Cause I would.


Aiden said...

Ageing is gradual. So it's not like you go to bed young tonight and wake up old tomorrow. Besides, I think as you mature you'd come to terms with that. I also have a feeling that you're thinking too much :P

Aiden said...

Ah. Just saw the label. "overthunk"

Kay said...

Yeh I totes agree with you on the getting-old-coming-to-terms part, I always saw it that way. or at least I hope. The other day I was reading your blog and my friend went, 'Eh is that you?'

Apparently we sound alike. Somber and melancholic all at the same time. $*cripes

J-boy said...

i like Aiden's comment.. i think we won't notice it as much since it happens day by day..

Just like I don't notice my hair getting longer until it reaches the point where I feel like I have to cut it! :P

Kay said...

Yeah i know, but picture one day waking up and realizing that you're actually balding.

How then!

J-boy said...

Yun nam hair care!

Either that, or I'll just rock the bald look *gulp*

God I hope I don't lose my hair so soon hahahaha

Kay said...

Me too. Omg!

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