Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why Do These Sweet Strawberries Bring But Tears To My Eyes?

Of course I'm here because I'm sad.

It's been more than a year since we've parted ways. I always had an inkling that you've held that soft spot for me somewhere deep down in your closed-off heart, but today my hopes were rudely subverted into an illusion I can no longer bring myself to believe.

As I lay here on my bed, still half-inebriated from whatever I drank earlier in the night, I only wish the pain would subside as my tipsiness eventually would.

But as I get less drunk,  I get more intoxicated by the sadness of reality.

You wanted me when I was the mysterious cutie bathed in the club's fleeting spotlight. But the more you got to the core of who I was, the more you pulled away.

I lulled myself into the delusion that your issues kept us from being together.

But it's time I face the facts—I was never the one you wanted.

And when I say goodbye, I only wish it stings you half of how it stung me. More delusions I should do without.

Goodbye, Shen.

I was never the one you wanted.

I was never the one.

I was never.