Friday, November 18, 2011

Like A Bimbo

Been hitting the gym like 13 days in two weeks for 5 weeks now. I think I may have pulled my leg. And I want to go clubbing tonight.



J-boy said...

Whoa what a hard worker!
But a trainer at the gym told me that we shouldn't work out too often. Need rest days in between.. because apparently that's when the muscles are repaired and built?

I'm not sure haha. I'm like a bimbo when it comes to working out XD

Kay said...

Ehe... I don't want the muscles to repair and build :P Plus I love being in the gym. It's me, my ipod and eye-candy!

Mostly I escaped there during my study-exam period. That's why it's been 5 weeks lol! Cause I just need a break from studying.


Ehe. I'm a bimbo in the most bimbotic sense!!

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