Monday, November 14, 2011

The One That Got Away

I think everyone's blogging about this video now, probably cause everybody can relate. There's always the one that got away, like for me, the guy I mentioned in the last post (whom I gave all my love to and didn't stay).

I mean, we're still in contact. I would consider him one of my closest gay friends, and that we always have each other's back despite the gossips and stuff that we might hear. We talk about our bfs, me telling him the sweet moments and him telling me the drunk ones (he is responsible for my alcoholism) (ah the sweet old days when he would feed an initially unwilling me Macallan's through a long, wet kiss). We skype (the last time just yesterday) and I'd comment on how fat he's gotten while he would tell me how I look like those lalaboys from Sungai Wang with my hairstyle. We compare dick sizes of people we've seen (or got to know..personally). We bitch about anyone and everyone.

Watching this video made me cry. I just cannot picture my bf leaving, being the one who got away. But I guess for now, you still hold that title.

And you will always be important to me.


Aiden said...

Even if he got away, he's still a good friend of yours. So I guess it's sort of okay?

And, I finally remembered your name. (:

Kay said...

Did you go through all our old emails? LOL

Aiden said...

Haha no. I knew you had an easy to remember kinda name. And it came to me just like that. Plus, confirmed it on Facebook. Turns out, we even have mutual friends XD

Kay said...

Add me la!

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