Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only as bright as you wanted me to be

It was the only place I'd ever known

Turned off the lights on my way out the door

I will be watching wherever you go,

through the eyes of a fly on the wall


ooi2009 said...


Kay said...

whats that oooo~

silon said...

i dont think youre one bit jaded... =P

Kay said...

EH how did u find this

silon said...

i like your writing so much, sometimes i just wonder if more things would happen to you so that you can pour out more of these beautiful emo writings so that i can read them... yeah im so effing selfish but its a compliment. somehow.

someone named KAY commented on my blog and i clicked on the profile and clicked on KAY's blog

Kay said...

Shy shy la now. *blush*

Want me to link u to the most emo writings or not? LOL.

OH I JUST CHECKED. I forgot I was signed into this account. LOL

Kay said...

ALSO, that is such a compliment, especially from you. thanks man!

silon said...


i hope its good though... emo doesnt necessarily mean that the writing style is nice =(

yeah, so much for secrecy huh? sloppy nya!! =P

well i *DO* like ur writing a lot... =P

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