Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sexapade Escape

Busy day two days back. Went to jog, then to gym, then proceeded to swim. No surprise, the amount of eye candies were insane, even at 8 o clock at night. One in particular, caught my eye, due to his white swimming cap and sexy white trunks.

I'm not really one for the direct approach. So I just walked two lanes down, and swam. Soon, I found this white cap dude coming closer and close until he was in the lane right next to mind. I swam to the other end, and took deep breaths underwater. Suddenly, he was next to me, and sneaked a touch or two at me. I walked to the locker room.

Perhaps he chickened out. But this other equally attractive dude(who didn't catch my attention due to his lack of white trunks!) intercepted the signals in the air. And so, there was no more for descriptive writing.

It hurt, but not as much as I hurt inside.

'You're so sexy'

Gave a dimpled smile in reply, and walked out of the cubicle. Got into the car that reeks of you and your antics, and drove home.

Another busy day. Yet you never fail to creep into my mind.

This is the last escape I have from you.


A said...

So your favourite colour is white?

Hope you feel okay soon :)

If you want to talk, I'm here :)

Kayson said...

No it's not. It's actually purple ;P But white trunks stand out, in a sea of black, dark blue trunks don't they ;P

A said...

@Kayson I have a bright purple tee that I'm very fond of. Although its not my favourite colour. And yeah, white sure does stand out. White makes things look bigger too. Did you notice that?

Kayson said...

Well I didn't get the chance to check. Afterall, I ended up with the guy of black trunks, didn't I?

What I can tell you is, black does hide size. *winks*

A said...


I didn't mean it like that. Haha. Although makes sense that you'd take it that way since this post was somewhat about the guy.

Kayson said...

>_____________> sigh

A said...

What? :S Why you sighing Kayson?

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