Monday, August 23, 2010

All I Asked For Was Ten Minutes

Melancholic or ecstatic, broken or perfect, sick or healthy, I'm always in the mood for just ten minutes of you.

I think, I'm cruising tomorrow. Gonna screw with some random hot swimmer dude. Horny is a good, temporary, emotional substitute.

And of course I play safe. I'm broken, not stupid.


Lucifer said...

ooo damn kayson i envy u ! i got a paper tmr. argh! haha. enjoy. play safe k. =)

Kayson said...

>_> nth to envy lor! of course I played safe ;) You could prolly screw with some random dude too if you wanna. :P

Darren said...

haha i don't think i can get a prey easily. learning to. a predator in the making. xD

Kayson said...

OMG i've got there's lucifer and silencer commenting on my blog. I guess gay guys DO dota :3

Would you like some lessons, Darren? Though I can only teach you how to look like a tastier prey :P

Lucifer said...

hey kayson. sorry. i logged in to my old account by accident. that's me too. silencer. sorry for the confusion. haha.

i had to delete my old blog due to some reason.

and i would like to learn some theories from u. although tulsy has been giving me some lessons but i find them inadequate.

Kayson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucifer said...

but i shifted my blog to my current one. the old posts r still available to be read.

coz someone dangerous found out abt my blog.

haha. trust me. u won't want a practical session with me after all those action-packed sessions in the pool.

Kayson said...

they're not so much action packed ;P

Haha I'm just joking. This is what we call, 'playful banter' ;P Since I cannot jokingly rest my hand on your back, I had to resort to something of the more sexually insinuating sort :P


Lucifer said...

u know how u can reach me.

could u plz kindly delete the 6th comment in this post?

tuls said...

@lucci ~ inadequate? really arr? sorry lor..

@kayson ~ good for you.. so nice to be single.. gosh..

Kayson said...

OH OKAY OKAY DELETED. Sorry posted your name, just checking :P

And no, actually, i don't ;P

Bah. Make the most of my situation ma ;)

Lucifer said...

oh but how did u know?

i feel so insecure now.

Kayson said...

Urm, I read it at Aaron's blog. He listen you under that name. Go get it to remove it.

Lucifer said...

ahhh darn. haha. ok. i forgot to take care of that.

it's alright =)

Kayson said...


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