Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have become increasingly interested in each other's testicles

"Ilu bb."

"Ilu imu ibcu"




- whatsapp exchange between me and the Bf


JokerPJ said...

ok, I had to admit...

first, the title draws me here =P

secondly, its indeed your conversation between you and your bf, cause I cant understand =)

Kayson said...

ilu: i love you
imu: i miss you

kekekeke really meh?

Aiden said...


Kayson said...

cannot understand meh :| i always thought imu and ilu are really general LOL

soul232 said...

those 1st two is normal but ibcu??seriously what the heck is that?hahahaha =P

ball crush??errr....i dont get it..english please XD hahaha

Leo Nut said...

people say imy and ily one mah...short form dao... lol

Kayson said...

It means i take his testicles in my palms and SQUEEZE HARD!! :3

Ceh, this is whatsapp ma!!

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