Monday, May 7, 2012

When a crush turns bitter, from admirer to stalker

Tonight was supposed to be the final rush towards perfection for my lab report on visual search. I was 90% complete when a random guy (with somewhat of an attitude problem) that I've chat with before started messaging me on Facebook.

"I love it when you ignore me."

....ugh, really?

I have no need to justify this, but I do sometimes choose to pretend I've not seen one's FB message. It's so annoying, yes necessary, but annoying. I mean, I've got a life to lead! Anyway most of the times he messages me (at godforsaken 7am-like hours) I already am on the bed and it takes a bitch ass long time to load messages on an iPhone, so I don't bother. But when he commented once earlier in the morning (like 7am) I replied because.. er, wallposts load really fast. (Damnit I ended up justifying myself)

Anyway, he went on with his usual passive-aggressive (you have not seen passive-aggressive until you have seen him) self, being a real pain in the ass (not in a good way lah fuck off) and all so I told him that I had to go do work. Said I was sorry. He insists that I appear offline on FB chat. I would, just to get him to fuck off but I was discussing some work with some mates and fuck, he kept scolding and scolding and was so relentless on me being offline (fucking scary la wtf is it to you whether I appear offline or online). I eventually told him, "look, just delete me if you can't stand seeing me online on your list".

That was when it happened I think. When he started showing his scary, stalkery side.

It's 5.30am (typical, just finally done with my report! hurrah) and I'm not going to go into exact details but basically he went on and on and wouldn't let up and I realized then I was in danger if he actually used stuff on my FB and twitter and instagram against me so I blocked him. And also set everything to maximum privacy.

He started calling, and calling, and leaving whatsapp messages, and actual messages, and voicemails. Basically right now it has been about 2 and a half hours? And I've got at least 150 misscalls and about 100 mother fuckin creepy voicemails from a blocked number.

He was an old friend's of my housemate, and my housemate (the one who was having sex a few posts ago) told me about more of his history. Apparently, he's a pro at this. He's got restraining orders against him. He's been in court. He's on meds for depression and shit. And I realized then I was dealing with a literally crazy bastard.


Before turning all stalkery he had a crush on me. Did I lead him on..? No. My conscience is clear. From the very start I have made it clear I was attached and I wasn't looking for anything other than friends. And when he started flirting in the beginning I reminded him, once more, of my earlier disclaimer.

He still insists I lead him on though. Ugh, whatever. You know lah, crazy people. Piff.

The Bf won't be happy to hear about this. A police report was made but they need to hear an actual physical threat to take action. This guy really is a pro to know all the loopholes and shit. Tomorrow go change number.

This post is a mess, my story is only partially told but I honestly can't be fucked tonight (in more ways than one). All you bitches out there please pray I don't die or get stabbed randomly in public by some HIV-infected knife.

(And this is why I tell you to be careful what you share on Grindr/Jack'd, Leonut.)

(Apparently he recognized the tramstop in one of my housemate's pictures. Now he's sending voicemails saying repetitively saying 'I know you live near tramstop xx', 'I will be waiting at tramstop xx', 'I'll be watching you', and creepy sounds of random movies. Fml)


Shadow Wind said...

OMG that is scary. shit just got real.

It's a good lesson for everyone though I'll have to stop sharing random things online.

if he threatens u make another police report this is scaryyyyyyyy

soul232 said...

That is one heck psychotic 'friend' u got there..take all necessary precaution no matter how trivial it may seem bcoz we dont know what's he capable of..better safe than sorry

take good care k

Leo Nut said...

Fuck Wei... Damn scary de...
Paiseh you always looking out for me..
Hope that guy gets tired soon.. =/

ooi2009 said...

I am balding

Kayson said...

Fuck yes theree has to be an actual threat according to the officer I talked to ytd. Actually I could file for 'harassment' but that would mean having to face him in court to debate out this 'harassment' ugh....

He's not a friend. NEVER. An acquaintance merely >.<

U never know who is sohai or LITERALLY crazy ok. Sigh i also kena

I'll turn bald someday too

J-boy said...

OMG that's some fucking shit!!! I've seen creepy, but not to this extent. This dude needs some professional help :O

Please be careful, OMG.... don't go anywhere alone, esp at night!

Kayson said...

apparently he has had professional help wtf. he taking meds for depression leh. SCARED

tuls said...

omgoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! hm.. these kinda people damn scary one cos i know someone in malaysia was like too.. somemore main bunuh diri one.. siao...

and btw.. i think im balding too :(

Kayson said...

ur hair so thick! u sure boooo? nvm all bald together. i think we are 'at that age' sob

Aiden said...

this is super scary O_O

hope you're fine.

and bitches please, who goes bald in their twenties? >_>

Leo Nut said...

Whatttt.. Baru 20 apa balding.. Lol!
I got jatuh rambut, now paranoid dy.. ><
Got one guy now, everyday:

"Hi! Cuddle?"

Everyday!! Lol! Like wtf..

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