Saturday, May 12, 2012

"How are you?"

Inevitably in every conversation, this question pops up. When I was younger I used to make it a point to not give a boring answer. I cringed and rolled my eyes if they replied with shitty, routine answers (ie; "im ok", "good. u?"). I would even accept "could be better if I could have your sexy ass" as an answer (and my answer would depend on your... eligibility). What I couldn't tolerate most were people who give boring answers, which would irrevocably lead to a death in chemistry. Your body how hot also no use lar!

Ok, admittedly that last line was a lie. I would probably keep the chemistry going for a longer time, increasing in a linear fashion (learnt this while writing my psych lab reports woohoo I can has sounding smart!) according to the amount of abs you have. But we would eventuate into nothingness in the end anyway, since even back then I was never THAT shallow to keep afloat what was only supported by purely superficial means. (And when I say eventuate into nothingness I meant hot guy and me in bed eventuating into my..nothingness.)

When asked how I was, I gave a frank (and usually TMI) answer of what I was really feeling. Not to everyone, of course, I give the ones I don't want around the boring answers I despise (but they seem to stay anyway), but to those I wanted to build something more than "nothingness" with. 

So that meant that that simple (so many thats, cool right?), asked-out-of-obligation question was reciprocated with long-ass, overly-dramatic answers. The kind that involves every exboyfriend gathering and making out with each other and then spiking drinks and stabbing this back and that guy's back and getting cheated on and being played and your dog dying. Only two out of em' all actually happened btw. It's 6am I'm allowed to make shit up.

But that was then, and this is now. I guess I have grown up. (Or jaded, one or the other.)

"Oh, I'm good. Yourself?"


soul232 said...

yerrrrr, stop growing up...not ur body, i dont mind that but keep ur homour side intact la..hehe =D

Aiden said...

haha. honestly, I don't know what to say when someone asks me how I am. I guess the socially acceptable answer is "I'm fine. How are you?". Which is what I stick to most of the time. But then again, its just the beginning of a conversation. There's more than an introductory greeting to get the chemistry flowing. But yes, I do get what you mean about the nothingness.

Kayson said...

WHy... i also dowan grow up le.. be a twink forever ;P

Yeah. I know. And its also super tiring. HAHA, "nothingness". :P Anyone been into ur "nothingness" lately? :P

Aiden said...

My "nothingness" is well. Hahaha. Lets just say its been a while

Shadow Wind said...

well i think u hear that "how r you" question around Western people more. it's just their way of greeting i'd say, like how we say "have u eaten" in chinese, LOL i find it really odd at first how ppl can ask u how u r n just walk past u without waiting for an answer.

hahah for asians i think when they ask how r u they generally wanna noe how r u LOL.

BUT yeah i think giving the standard answer is the best way like "i'm good thanks, you?" or "yeah fine, good" LOL

Kayson said...

Ditto. Until... this morning. HEHE

im growing old le. so much less dramatic now ==

the immigayrant said...

Yeah, sometimes I don't know what to say other than "I'm good, and you?" at workplace.

Like, if I were feeling unwell or unhappy, I don't feel like sharing it because I don't want to sound like complaining.

Aiden said...

Morning? I'm so lazy in the morning >_>

Kayson said...

I found u on jack'D! logon already :P

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