Friday, September 10, 2010

There Was A Time When You Were So Damn Easy To Love

I don't know why, or how every single time we get start talking about shits of reasonable depth I get so pissed off. This deep-seated anger never seems to subside. Countless sorries have been said and tears come and gone, so why are we still back at square one?

Yes, I'm asking you. I know you're reading. I don't know any other way to go into this subject and not feel so pissed off.

This is not about X. This is about me, and the Ex, and our issues. One day later, I'm still seething.

Moving on.


Takashi said...

what was the issues?
deal with it, and move on.
dont keep it within.
rite hon? take care.. pls..


cheer up

Kayson said...

The issues. I dont wanna go into them, cause every time I do I become so overwhelmed with..>ARGHHHH

Tq ;)

A said...


I'm confused now. Update me?

Lucifer said...

cheer up kayson. cheer up. =)

Kayson said...

:(! easier said then done. unless, aided by alcohol.

Little Fox said...

maybe you could try the 12 step recovery program :P it works.

Kayson said...

._. i dont think i will have the patience lor!

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