Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now You're Gone

Looking above as I always do, whenever I'm with you, the skies are dark. I make a mental note to ask if anyone else notices that stars hardly ever shine anymore. I wonder if it's a bad omen, but regardless I still walk to your car and sit myself in that front seat I've grown accustomed to.

And we talked.

I beamed when you told me to stay for another ten minutes. It was a rare thing. I told you repeatedly, through the ever pouring tears, that I was going to be alright. I wanted to be alright, and I wanted you to see that I was as happy as I could be at how we worked out. I hope you saw that through my wet eyes.

Eventually, I handed you the letter. We shared a hug that I still feel till today, and locked our lips to be intertwined in such an emotional kiss that lingers until this very moment. I'm sorry if I was rough, cause you know, you usually do most the work, while I just compliment our kisses gently. But that night, I was compensating for the lack of practice with passion.

Before I left, I looked at your face, memorized those eyes and ran my hand over the contours of your face, for the one last time, to be crystallized in my heart(I won't say forever), and took one last whiff of your car and its overpowering scent.

I'm glad I can still make you tear after all this while. And no, you're not the type that keeps letters.

So..thank you for keeping mine.

I love you. And I'll be moving along. Perhaps someday we'll meet again. But until then, thanks for the memories <3

With love.


J-boy said...

Ohh take care!
departures are always rough :(

yeah let's move on sama-sama!

tuls said...

thats the spirit! go!! move on!!

Kayson said...

I miss him so much its like Im gonna die. Really, would it be stupid to say I'd rather go bald then to lose him but once I've lost him and moved on I'd be glad I didn't go bald?

:( so hard....and not in a good, horny way :(

A said...

It'll be fine soon :)

Skyhawk said...

Kay, thing should be fine, move on and take care!

Kayson said...

Soon comes later then usual this time around :(

This is not the bi ex btw ._.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the wrong channel...
would like to know who are you =)

Kayson said...

HAHA. What wrong channel?
I'm just some random blogger. What's there to know? :)

Qboy said...

*pats head and hugs

Anonymous said...

I want to know you who are you in person ma =P

Kayson said...

Why why? >_> Plenty of bloggers to know why me? Please submit your answer (at least 150 words) as well as your application form, inclusive of your name, address, number and sexual position. Thank you.

I wanna pat your head but you're so tall I can't reach it so...

*pats butt*

A said...


Qboy said...

Lol. Why pat behind? Pat in front mah ;) Haha, i misshhh you too bxxxx :)

Anonymous said...

iyaaaaaaa! sedih I xD

Kayson said...

Yes yes???

I scared yours too small..pat liao will miss and then make you feel sad :P

Why sedih?? >_>

A said...

Just saying hi xD

Kayson said...


Qboy said...

Right. Maybe you will inferior it's too big :) Partay? Me back in Ipoh mister. Haha.

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