Wednesday, September 15, 2010


**This is not crap related to love or sex. This is to prove that I have life outside of failed romances and raunchy hookups.

So a while back, after performing in my college's acoustic night(with only a horrendous guitarist as background who insists on singing despite it being so completely off-key), aA friend of mine informed me about the prom auditions.

(Digressing, how horrendous could a guitarist be? He's 18 now, and has learned guitar since he was 12. And these are literally things I told him - 'If you forget the chord then skip it completely it's okay' and 'If you play the wrong chord just continue playing and don't stop, I'm loud enough to cover it'. How the fuck can he still screw up, if I covered forgetting and playing the wrong chords? He went SUPER FAST. But we still got an applause la. ;D )

So supposedly, I asked two of my classmates if they wanted to go for it. They said okay, and so we decided on Boyslikegirls' 'Love Drunk' and LeeHom's 'Kiss Goodbye'. So well, we are busy people, and the only practice we had were that 30 minutes before the auditions? So we couldn't change songs. And as one of our classmates quit cause she decided she won't be around for prom, 'Love Drunk' was a bitch to sing. Because the guitarist(different one) so blatantly refused to sing. I know, should've just played the song slower, but then it loses its omphhh.

So anyway, I thought we did okay despite the lack of practice and preparations. But my friend was like, 'I dunno leh'.

So fast forward weeks later and I still have yet to receive an email from the person in charge. She has, however, emailed me about my program's T-shirts and class pages and whatnot. I was like, so embarrassed can? I sung my heart out on both the songs! And when you sing your heart out, so loud that even those outside the auditorium heard you, only to realize you suck, that just really sucks, doesn't it ;(.

Because of the shame, I try to avoid the people in charge, and the other people around when I was auditioning, or those who knew I was auditioning for prom's performances and would ask. I would pretend to be talking on the phone and just walk on by.

Today, on a class outing, a friend inevitably asked about the auditions. I knew I was gonna have to face this...disgrace eventually anyway. A million things ran through my head, alternatives on what to say or how to face this shame with the most glam and dignity that could be mustered.

Then the said guitarist said, 'Yea we got through.'


Apparently they emailed him, and he forgot to tell me about it. So yeah, all those days of avoiding random people cause of the shame totally wasted. Damnit.

But haha, quite happy now lah. But we have to show them what we've got next Friday, right after five days of trials. :|

But yay!


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Congrats!! :)

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Hahhaah naise! (Y)

Don't la still ignore meee :(

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whaatt?! >_<

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