Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Letter

Dear X,

I have no idea if you are the type that keeps these letters or not. But in case some things don't come out right when I speak with you later, I'll say it here.

Thanks for everything. I know I've been such a burden, and I hope you really do still care for me, rather than just feeling the afterglow of leftover concern.

When you're in the UK, there'll come a time when you're really tired of all the studying/assignments/exams, but you'd have the urge to just party anyway. Once in a while, please choose to stay in! Also, every time you pick up alcohol, please note that with every sip you're that much closer to liver failure!! Drink less!

We've always enjoyed the times together. Not recently though, and I know you hate all these emotional confrontations that end with tears/annoyance. Remember us for the past, and not this rocky month please?

I'm not at my best. It's a rough patch. I will be great again, that happy, fun (&skinny&cute) Kayson you first liked. Please don't bring anyone else to BSC's Alexis okay! This I don't care. That is OUR place!

If I do end up at UK next year, assuming you get over N, please give me a chance? >.<"

In or out of love, there'll always be a place for you in my heart =) But until I'm out of love (which might take a while), I'll tell you this - I love you!

Goodbye. Take care. I'm going on diet =P Don't need to miss me, but please remember who I am, and the nights that we've shared, days that we've had, and moments that we...felt.

With Love,


A said...

Nice handwriting!

And I don't think anyone can forget about anyone.

J-boy said...

I always found it easier to express myself through writing rather than speaking..

Less craziness, more sensible :)

Kayson said...

Thats my rushed handwriting..didn't have tons of time coz didnt know if I'd get to see him or not.. oh well.

But we talked so well in person when I handed him the letter. The letter made him cry. That has to mean something, right?

Lucifer said...

ur handwriting is a hundred times better than mine.

I used to write quite neatly. but i don't know why it got worse with the passing of time.

oh i saw that. skinny and cute. yummy. xD

Kayson said...

it's a doctor thing, your handwriting becomes shittier directly proportionally to the closer you get to becoming a real doctor :P

he reckons im still skinny and cute, but that's only cause he's like 70kg hehe so naise~

Takashi said...

u can write a love letter????

how sweet...... =)

i've never gotten one in my entire life >.<

Kayson said...

it's a Kayson thing.

Kaysons are sensitive, overly dramatic, sentimental creatures..!

I've written one too many, and a few songs to boot >_> Stupid ex-es. should make them pay me. LOL jk

Skyhawk said...

It's touching and so well written, I've never received one too....I like this "Please don't bring anyone else to BSC's Alexis okay! This I don't care. That is OUR place!"

Kayson said...

If he ever did bring right, I castrate him lor :(

It's our place!!!!!!! It has been since Dec of 09!!

Lucky he promise. Or else........>:(


:) haha jkjk :P tqtq.... >_<

A said...

@Kayson: You wouldn't castrate him. You love him too much :P

Kayson said...

Maybe I got over him :P

A said...

If you did, you wouldn't have updated the blog with a new post about him!

Kayson said...

Not nao la duh~!

A said...

Chill chill!

Kayson said...

>_> hmph

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