Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Problem With Gay Friends

Believe it or not, most of my friends are straight guys and girls. I have friends who hang out predominantly with gay guys and the drama is unbelievable. Usually, they've fucked each and every other person in their respective groups (and hence drama often unfolding soon after).

For example, take the Doppelganger's group - they're a good example. After being tight-knit for ages, the treacherous web of flirtatious, ambiguous feelings and blowjobs has torn them apart - threeways. Dopple and then bf has broken up (lots of dishonesty and betrayal apparently), tearing the group into two, and Dopple is pretty much my best friend these days. Loads more drama there, but I digress. The point is they're not on good terms anymore.

So I try to get to know people outside of groups. It's easier, less intimidating, and the two of us can actually get to really talk and.. attempt a connection that requires no bodily fluids. Especially since I'm back in Melbs during the summer (where Asians are scarce and you feel emptiness out of your ass), I've been about meeting people.

Crossing out the ones that I don't think I could be friends withthe brainless and the creepy, you actually do find a few nice guys (not taking their faces or bodies into account la). The both of you can actually talk on a non-patronizing level and enjoy each other's company. You guys hang out, go to dinner, watch a movie, and you secretly tell yourself you're glad you had the balls to say hi on Jack'd before dismissing him as someone not worth bothering with.

And then it happens.

You go for a movie, and halfway through he suddenly holds your hand. You go clubbing, and suddenly he's jealous you're dancing with someone else, face darker than the mold on the bread my disgusting ex-housemate didn't toss out while getting the fuck out of my apartment. Or maybe you guys were just hanging out casually, watching 2 Broke Girls on the laptop when he suddenly sticks his tongue down your throat.

He wants something more -sexually or emotionally you can't be sure, but if that delightful prod behind my left thigh was any indication, he wouldn't be sure until he fucks you.

This has happened twice in the last 3 weeks.

I had sex on both occasions and rather enjoyed it. But that's also besides the point LOL.

Maybe cause we're all guys (horny bitches) and besides both parties being more willing than girls there's always this possibility of falling in love and being together. And sex too, that gets in the way (of my ass) a lot. I really wouldn't mind but somehow, perhaps cause of the awkwardness of having had sex, or the shame of confessing certain things you normally wouldn't, or maybe just plain ol' unreciprocated feelings, that very close friend you were so glad to have made would just be another fling in your distant past. And someday down the line you'll meet each other again through some mutual friend, or perhaps at a place you both used to frequent, and the acknowledgement of acquaintance for someone you used to spend hours texting would actually be a dilemma.

Either way one of you would give in to the nostalgia, while the other vehemently denies the affair from their existences. No one wins, everyone is left empty at the end, like a bottle of whiskey after its contents have been enjoyed: hungover, and left to wonder if the entire episode ever happened.


Aiden said...

Couldn't agree with you more on this. The drama is unbelievable.

I guess there really is no way to determine what he wants before it all happens and then you're left wondering why you let it happen. Or something like that. I think.

Shadow Wind said...

another wonderful piece, haha food for thought indeed. Sad but depressingly true.

Hetero-Challenged said...

"you're glad you had the balls to say hi on Jack'd before dismissing him as someone not worth bothering with."

This line rings so true for me! haha

Been looking over your blog. You have a great personality and it comes off really well in your posts which basically also means you have a great writing style.

I look forward to reading some more.

JokerPJ said...

No comment. Painfully true, beautifully written =)

Kayson said...

Even if they do know what they want, someday they will realize they wanted the wrong things.

Even if they're sure that they want more, you'll never know for sure until you dive in..and have sex. Lol


Yes. Depressing... but not the sex part. Just the whole thing

Thanks so much, I'll check your blog out soon too. And that line is very true for most people I think!

And personality-wise.. no comment. I pride myself on being a bit of a narcissist. LOL

Welcum to my blog!

I say ur post written beautifully u say my post beautifully written. creative a bit can or not!

JokerPJ said...

Exceptionally well written~ haha.

I am straight forward mah, no better word to describe. What beautiful is beautiful, as always, another amazing piece =D

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