Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I made it. That incident is now officially 4 years ago, and while life was once so derailed I have to admit that it's been pretty good the last few years. 2012 was amazing, and as it became obvious that while life got no easier, the way that I perceive it has changed. It's a good thing.

Thinking back onto the number of new year posts written since I've started blogging (since 2006 - a staggering 6 years ago wtf) I can't help to gag a bit at my propensity to write long-ass monologues, so I'm going to keep it simple this year: just resolutions.

1) Not to fuck shit up at Uni
(to continue to do well with my studies) and get into honors hopefully, gotta keep those H1's (my Uni's highest attainable grade la) coming.

2) To be sexy as fuck naked
..My body's at a good place right now and I'm supposed to be doing a "test" photoshoot for my friend. But I know too well how temporary this state can be and... I vow to maintain it and not give in to temptation too much.

3) To keep family ties..tied
My relationship with my parents and every fucking person who matters have been good. Let's just hope this goes on.

4) To have fun and to always use a condom
Like usual la, I always use a condom anyway but let's just keep it up.

5) To be happy


Zachary said...

resolution no.2 . oh yeah .. I liked that !
Definitely be doing that for this year.

Shadow Wind said...

hahahaha well thank fuck life has been good! Happy new year! hahahahah

Kayson said...

Yes! We should all resolve to do that. LETSGO

Yes :) But maybe its not so much how life treats us as much as how we treat life!

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