Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sub-standard Kayson

Is it normal to feel inadequate and outwardly-subpar (read : ugly & fat) at 5am in the morning?

I've been attracting quite a few cute guys on Jack'd (don't judge me.. Leonut's using it too!) (plus me and my bf are both on it to ogle at hot guys and stuff and we have each other's permission and blah blah). But the thing is my Jack'd picture is not of my face (no face pics at all, in fact), just a few pics of my body. 

Surprisingly, there are a few who weren't looking for sex (I usually tell them I'm attached and that I'm just here for friends after like two exchanges hehe). They actually liked what was written on my profile. 

Obviously after a while they want to put a face on that body so they ask. Ugh and I get so reluctant to send them my face pics cause fuck la I so ugly compared to them. But anyway I did reveal my face to one or two or five cutie pies. 

And then they ask me out for coffee. Shit lol. 

I guess friendship has gotta start from somewhere but what if I don't live up to their expectations.

The Bf tells me I'm stupid and that I'm gorgeous but fuck his opinion he's obligated to say that (or I withhold sex). 

I posted "Plastic surgery gmh" on Gives Me Hope once (go read it, it's actually quite... errr heart-warming at times).

Stupid optimistic people ("the FML for optimists!") are actually really creative when it comes to insults.

Yes that was me.

Fuck me and my superficial childish problems. I'll be reborn a hungry African child in my next life. At least I don't have to worry about being skinny then. 

Ok stop. My life is amazing. I'm happy everyday *throws mirror at housemate who is currently having sex*


Aiden said...

haha. I think it IS possible to feel fat and ugly at 5am.

I use Jack'd and Grindr for the same reason. To check out hot guys nearby. Although I do it with a friend.

Hahaha. Of course he's obligated to say that. But I'm not obligated right. So I'll still say it. You are good looking. And photogenic.

Sometimes you think too much. Just listen to what everyone else is saying. I'm pretty sure no one has called you fat and ugly. If they have, they need to get their eyes checked.

soul232 said...

u are fat and ugly, and u have a bf...errrmmm, that kinda dont rhyme xD isnt that prove enough that u arent =D

Kayson said...

:< you havent seen me in person so it doesnt count. HAH!! Feels weird FB-messaging u and then replying u here hehe.

:< so u mean fat and ugly people cant get bf meh :( i think the happiest gay couple i know are fat and ugly... maybe thats their secret, realizing contentment and not trying to 'seek more'.

:( howwwwww

soul232 said...

well, it just show that outer appearance really doesnt matter much actually...as long u know how to carry urself proudly, does it matter if u are fat, ugly or anything whatsoever =)

JokerPJ said...

lol at the part "don't judge me.. Leonut's using it too!"
Not bad, you actually meet decent people who ask you for coffee not *cough*cough* toffee... :P

Kayson said...

:) .... thats a lot more encouraging!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like toffee also worrrrrrrrrr <3

Leo Nut said...

Wah.. I use then like its okay la?... haha! So far only attracted some old dudes.. Eh.. Got one guy called "grandpa slaves" find you anot? He pm me freaking lot of times before i block him.. 60 years old wtf..

Kayson said...

u slut nia. put face so big big there. mouth slightly open like ready to suck cock. HEHE :P

Leo Nut said...

Desperate and slutty different things k?.. LOL!

JokerPJ said...

Dont eat so much toffee... got one at home dy, enough :P

@Leo Nut
Grandpa slave? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ya, usually 30-50 year old... preying on kids like us :P

Kayson said...

Kekekekeke. Grandpa slave would help u outta ur desperation. I think I got filter out people more than a certain age. XP U should try that. Hehe

The one at home is my fav flavor <3 Hehe

Aiden said...

I've seen enough photos of you to know that you're not fat and ugly -_-

Kayson said...

:) thank u that means a lot hehe

Shadow Wind said...

hahaha i love ur style of writing! it's entertaining and hilarious! =)

Kayson said...

thank u! :)!!!

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