Monday, April 30, 2012

Rant #1

The day has long been over. For many a new day is about to begin. 5.34am in Melbourne, one assignment down, two tests studied for, two gym classes attended and one bill paid.

I should feel accomplished. But instead I feel distant from it all.

It's not like I can't figure out why. 

It's more like I don't wanna put my finger on it.

...let me go. 

Hope everyone's had a better day. And may your tomorrow be not full of shit. 


Aiden said...

hope you have a better day tomorrow (:

tuls said...

muacks! :)

Shadow Wind said...

treat everyday like a good day n live life the fullest! hahaha open secret to happiness

Leo Nut said...

Mahjong also what..
Anyways.. *Hugs* We go out makan dessert one day okay? =DD

Kayson said...

Sadly my "tomorrow" sucked. Got an assignment back that I worked my ass off for. I failed it wtf? I never failed anything before. Disheartens me and lol... gve up la i dont wanna get into honors here anymore give up give up

:< :< :<

@Shadow win
i think i'm pretty content with life. but even happy people need a few days of odd sadness in their lives. it's psychologically to be happy every moment!

MJ was sunday night lor. onz la. when wanna lose mone..come play MJ?

soul232 said...

It be better soon :) just need to be patient for now because good things come to those who wait for it *hug hug* :)

soul232 said...

oh btw, i take it u are doing psych at melb uni? if u are, then dont get dishearten. it jsut normal for student to fail the assignment..freaking hard and straight their marking are..

Aiden said...

Take it as a challenge. Don't accept defeat. Be all "bitch please! Challenge accepted!". Coz that really is who you are. So don't give up k (:

Kayson said...

Yeah i am. Sigh. I do hope so. Thank u for everything <3

U too Aiden. U went through so much more than I did la last time. Hugs <3

ooi2009 said...

i want sex !!!! and jboy! and tuls!

zhenyu27 said...


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