Friday, April 27, 2012

K's Recent Pleasures

....that does not include sex. (Attached, remember? Zzz)

I'm Not Yours - Angus and Julia Stone

It's so depressing, but depressing songs are my kinda therapy. Cry your heart out and feel better. That's the way I do it. This was my break-up song last year when the bf first dumped me (after he played me, that motherfucking bastard) and listening to it always brings me back to how I felt then. It feels as if I've cried everything onto this track, and those emotions will always linger on between every depressing chord.

(When listening to this I nonchalantly told the bf that this was the song I cried to when he broke my heart more than a year ago and he hugged me and kissed me and said he was sorry and that he would never do that again.... then I punched his crotch.)

Stay - Miley Cyrus

Yes it's a Miley Cyrus track. But it's much unlike whatever songs she's got on mainstream radio. It's actually really emotional and raw. For once I don't find her voice annoying, but instead appropriate. Listen to it. It'll remind you of your deepest heartache in those teenage years that have long slipped by. Like the teenage version of Adele... minus 20kg.

Sober - Kelly Clarkson

It was actually the second single off her My December album but it didn't really perform well so it's relatively unknown. It's an amazing song, really. Listen to her live versions on Youtube, her voice is so amazing towards the end when she belts her heart out. BUT listen to the album version too cause the strumming of the guitar and that haunting intro is just too good and it's different from all her live performances. 

Irvine - Kelly Clarkson

It's very dark. This isn't everyone's cup of tea but believe it or not it's my kinda song. I love this entire album, and although it kinda tanked commercially it's my favourite from her (which is saying a lot as I'm a diehard Kelly Clarkson Since-You-Been-Gone-Behind-These-Hazel-Eyes fan). I think it's very beautifully written, with a very poetic structure (but not as a poem though, as half a creative writing major I can tell you  those "good" poets would say that she's "telling too much and not showing enough").

Wide Awake - Katy Perry

As per a typical Katy Perry song, it has a well-formed tune with catchy hooks that will be stuck in your head. It's quite decent lyrically as well, and with this following the obviously addictive (yet oh so melancholic) TOTGA I find myself becoming quite a fan of hers!


Aiden said...

Hearing I'm Not Yours by Angus and Julia Stone for the first time. But I love it!

And Irvine is my kind of song! Love it very much.

P.S. Shouldn't you be having more sex since you're attached? >_>

Aiden said...

Wait, does this mean you're emo-ing now?

Kayson said...

no im not emoing! But I love songs that make me feel dark. And then its over and I feel great all over again! Hehe

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