Friday, June 8, 2012


It's almost 5am as usual but what's different this time is that I've just awoken from my blissful slumber.The exams are finally over and I've acquired a new-found appreciation for the luxury to do nothing at all.

I knew that I would fall asleep if I went home, thus fucking my sleep cycle even further, so I went shopping with friends and dived head first to Body Attack (it's my favourite gym class!) despite having not slept in more than 30 hours. My exams ended at 4, we took an hour (went home to shit and kiss the bf) before arriving at the city, and most stores in Melbourne close by 6 on weekdays.. you would think that an hour is hardly enough to shop.

You're wrong.

And in the lingering euphoria of NEW CLOTHES and the huge weight of exams off my shoulders, I am infinitely happy. I mean, I've always been content, even in the 20th hour of my suicide-tempting study marathon after my second jar of Nutella, but I've always regarded contentment and happiness as two different (but none the less related) things.

But right now I'M FUCKING HAPPY LA!

Can't wait to club next week (too tired now, a lot of sleep debt to pay off), karaoke, MJ sessions, chilling around doing nothing, Lady Gaga (Ooooh yea Bf got us VIP seats!), wearing my pretty new shit, and having a whole month to spend back home in Msia to boot.

But the contentment has always been there.

And the picture now seems completely irrelevant to the post.


JokerPJ said...

Ah bliss~

Spend more time with the bf~


J-boy said...

haha i'm so jelly...

but i'll be on board the freedom express in a few weeks too :P

soul232 said...

nice...finally can have non-stress time with ur bf =P hehehe

go shopping at southwarf..heard got sale from my friend..not sure ended d or not...end of financial year sale as usul XD

Kayson said...

hehe.... im already at his place!!

dont need to be jelly le... urs is coming soon!!

ooohhhhhhhh THANK U. he still got exams though

Aiden said...

yay you!! :D

Kayson said...


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