Monday, June 18, 2012


His exams finish tomorrow.

We're supposed to go celebrate his belated birthday. Go visit the hot springs. Spend endless days rolling in bed. Cook together. Update his wardrobe. Do all sorts of lovely things together that'd make us both so content and happy.

But I feel reluctant.

Why make more memories when you know you need to forget?

Ok there is faulty logic behind that. I know eventually I'd get over it and be glad I have the memories. But until then comes along, I'm on survivor mode.


soul232 said...

why need to think so far ahead..jsut enjoy whatever there in front of u 1st =)


savante said...

Time is short. Have the memories. Think about the rest later.

Kayson said...

but im the kind that breaks down and fails all their exams... when a 2 month relationship ends.

This is 1 year! It's scary! Idk what i'd do when it ends

soul232 said...

if u think it is gonna end inevitably, then I would say enjoy his companionship for now but at the same time, prepare urself mentally for the time when he will walk will dampen the blow a little bit

Aiden said...

"Why make more memories when you know you need to forget?" << because at one point in your life, you might regret not making those memories.

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