Saturday, November 14, 2015


Blame is a dangerous thing. It can be a verb, a noun, and a drug. You can direct, shift, or even suppress it. It can be projected both inwards and out. Most of all, it'll always seems harmless enough until it summons a tragedy bigger than itself.

Blame can blind you with emotion. It can propel you with the force of an erupting volcano, or shatter you internally like two conflicting twisters. It can overwhelm you, get you to forget to breath and leave you gasping for air.

Blame can become a habit. You who is a master escape artist will one day run out of options and in a clutch, ride the train that is blame. In your pursuit of freedom you cling on to blame and suddenly you are one stop too late, one time too many, too far from home.

Perhaps one day you will let go of the blame. And like all addictions, the only constant you can expect with withdrawal is regret.

I'm sorry, T.


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