Monday, November 16, 2015


Note: I stumbled across the term anti-twink from Hetero-Challenged's blogpost.

Anti-twinks thrive on being wanted and desired, yet they also seek a man too good for them and that often entails someone who does not show their desire or want them in return. Anti-twinks are the gay boys who never learned to love themselves and thus feel a compelling need to fit the most desired stereotyped portrayed by mainstream media. Of course they're anti-twink, they want to be the only twink in town. That way they can be the most desired. They act like bitches because that's the only way they can hide their submissive side while also showing their vulnerability (or, feminine side) in their forever quest for the almost-impossible-man (AIM).

A man who encompasses all attributes of the AIM is a rarity. As hard as the anti-twink works to be the ideal anti-twink, the impossible man has to naturally fit into his stereotype (as defined by the anti-twink) with as little effort as possible. They are negatively correlated and both approach an asymptote, always nearing but never touching zero. For this reason, the more of an anti-twink the twink is, the harder it is to find his almost-impossible-man.

Finally, there is the anti-twink at the the topmost of the anti-twink pyramid, attitudes and beliefs and behaviours fully attuned to being the utmost anti-twink he can be. The AIM becomes the impossible man, and is impossible not because he doesn't exist, but because the most desirable of his attributes - unattainableness - ceases to be the moment he is attainable. For these anti-twinks, they must first focus on getting over themselves, or face the possibility of being alone forever.

What a fucking loser. LOL


Hetero-Challenged said...

Didn't know you mentioned my post until now, haha.

Good read tho a tad harsh? =)

K said...


I believe I was an anti-twink at some point.... HAHA :P this was my attempt at concealed self-deprecation

Chinese Prick said...

i know exactly how that feels

Jenny Simes said...

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K said...

@Chinese Prick

Are you an anti-twink? Or the AIM?

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