Monday, March 5, 2012

In your shadow

I'm on the plane.

I know where everything is, how most of these things go, and while many are abroad with parents or guardians of some kind, I sit alone accompanied only by the shadow you've left behind.

Inevitably, my mind drifts off on its own adventure, imagining you on your many flights.. whether you were your usual cocky cool or if you were unusually nervous, whether you were sound asleep or if you are the type that finds it easier to fall in love than to fall asleep, whether you were alone or was someone with you.

Even now, when I know you're not alone, I wonder if you are lonely, deep down.

I've somewhat lost my acquired taste for Chardonnay, but predictably, the allure of free flow alcohol which MAS so generously pours into a contradicting small cup has gotten me tipsy (and just a wee bit emotional).

It's easier to see you with my eyes closed rather than open. So I turn on our song, order another glass of wine, and close my eyes.

p/s: Wrote this on my plane back to Melbs about 9 days ago. It is still relevant to my feelings today.


savante said...

Shadows do pass and soon there'll be a ray of light again.

Kayson said...

But shadow only exists in rays of light ;(

silon said...

is this the person current or is it the person past?

"FUCK YEA" notwithstanding, perhaps it would be good to remember that if the rays of light shone brightly or comprehensively enough, the shadow[s] would have been kept in check, and not grow to dominate portions of you instead. shitty analogy i know =P

Kayson said...

Kekeke but Savante here said 'a ray' of light. Implying that it is merely a ray, which means that it comes from a single direction, hence insufficient to perform the shadow checking that you suggested. :P

Past. I evil. LOL

silon said...

one could argue that depending on the location, intensity and distribution of the light source, and the radiative/reflective characteristics of the environment of said light source, the possibility of having no statistically significant shadow[s] is certainly there. =DDDDDDDDDDD

just learn to hate the person then you wont care about the person ;)

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