Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Hardest Part

I recently read an article which said that the hardest part of moving overseas was coming home. Reintegration to a society and life you've left behind. The life you vehemently tried to leave in your past so you could fit in to a new environment and do away with the homesickness... is now your present. You're back in semi-familiar grounds where nothing is the same: people have moved on, everything thinks differently, your family is finally used to the idea of you being away, etc.

It does suck.

But I guess I am whining from a position of privilege. So I shall stop.


Simon said...

Awh.. This is what I am scared of... This sort of makes me not want to work abroad.

K said...

People say it's a great experience, one that you should jump at the chance at. I agree.

But my personal philosophy is not to touch the things I cannot keep. You'll never withdraw from coffee if you've never tasted it. Sure, you can crave it, but withdrawals are worse than cravings.

TL,DR: Everyone says to go for it. Great experience. I say don't give yourself an experience you will miss when it's over.

;P xo

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